Laser Material Processing Zimmermann
Schwadernaustrasse 2
CH-2558 Aegerten, Switzerland


+41 (0)32 384 74 14

About LMP

The experience gained over 30 years is continuously built into our laser machines in order to make them more performant, reliable and easy to handle, constantly trying to reach to maintain its costs as low as possible.

Laser-machines from our company are exported and in use in following countries: China, France, Germany, Great Britan, Hungary, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States of America and Ex-Yugoslavia.

Our high-qualified engineers and physicians form a team developping, producing, selling and maintaining all our laser machines. They can be reached easily by phone and are available at short notice to provide direct on-site help if needed.

LMP develops all the mechanical, electronical and some optical parts built into their machines - the guarantee having the know-how over its complete laser machines.

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