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Since 1981, LMP AG is specialised in the manufacture of high-precision and computer-controlled laser drawing-die drilling machines for natural diamond and PCD. The company has stopped producing new laser machines, but the after sale service is continuing by the individual enterprise LMP Laser Material Processing Zimmermann.
LMP is also developing electronic hardware, as motor control and display units for the rotary engines from Mistral Engines SA
CS-500 Laser High-precision and computer-controlled laser drawing-die drilling machine for natural diamond and PCD.
CS-520 Laser Double side drawing-die drilling machine, for highest center precision
and productivity, especially for small holes.
Tools Diamond holder for precision laser drillings of uncased diamonds.
Wire-Die Holder to increase the concentric precision of entrance and exit side of your form drillings.
Applications Drilling of wire dies for the wire industry
Production of nozzles for water jet applications
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