Laser Material Processing Zimmermann 
Schwadernaustrasse 2 
CH-2558 Aegerten, Switzerland 
Phone      +41 (0)32 384 74 14
CS-520 Double-Side Laser Drawing-Die Drilling Machine
  • CW Nd:YAG Laser with Q-Switch for very smooth surface finish
  • measuring equipment to focus on the diamond surface
  • graphic assisted profile and shape programming
  • fast drilling and polishing functions
  • shaped drilling and cutting
  • very small and big holes
  • long-term precision
  • modular and compact design
  • attractive price: performance ratio
  • Room:     clean, with small temperature fluctuations
  • Power:    3x400VAC / 10kVA /  50/60Hz
  • Cooling:  Closed water circuit with heat exchanger or, as an option: a water chiller
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